Pictures are worth a thousand words...
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Uganda Outreach

Dear Uganda Supporter,

We could not possibly have accomplished so much without your prayers and generous giving.  Some of the poor in Uganda are thanking God for you.  Job 29:12-13 says, "Because I delivered the poor that cried, and the fatherless, and him that had none to help him.  The blessing of him that was ready to perish came upon me: and I caused the widow's heart to sing for joy."

As always, 100% of what you give is administered to the needy and is tax-deductible for you.

We are ever so grateful for your continued support.  May the Lord continue to bless you and yours abundantly.

In His Service,

Ron and Sharon Edwards

If you would like to make a donation.
"Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy."  
 Psalm 82:3

Ron Edwards, Missions Director
The Years at a Glance   
Ron Edwards, Missions Director

Pastor Sharon and I made our first trip to Uganda in December 1996. An 11-year-old Kenyan girl named Julie Muthoka, who we later managed to bring to the U.S. for her college education accompanied us.
Sharon ministered for a week in a coffee trading village by the name of Kinoni in the Ugandan bush. We were working with a local pastor who was evangelizing the area. We returned to the area in 1999, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 and most recently in 2009. 

While working in Kinoni we were able to do the following:
Purchase 10 acres for the pastor
Build a new brick church
Build a new primary school for 300 students
Dig a well and solar power the well
Purchase cows, chickens and rabbits for income producing projects
Purchase sewing machines for training workers
Ship Bicycles from the U.S for local pastors

We then moved on to Nakabizzi where our efforts are now centered on Pastor David Kagoro who leads a coalition of 13 churches within a 60-mile radius.  Nakabizzi is just outside of Jinja, Uganda's second largest city of 80,000 people. We have purchased land and are constructing a two-story building which will house a church/adult education center.  We also have built a Christian preschool which includes primary grades one and two.  We offer small grants of money for self-help projects determined by our local business manager to be viable.

2012 Year End School Report 
(report has been slightly edited for the reader)

Dear Pastor Sharon and Ron E

Greetings in Jesus name. The work in Uganda has registered a positive growth and development. After the election which were recently concluded, the people of Uganda have tuned  to work. Most of the Pastors and believers are are now busy in planting food crops.This has also been our campaign  to teach our believers to participate in the development of our nation and our economy.We have  registered few cases of sick  people this quarter apart from attacks here and there, this we give our God all the glory and  honor
The school project is also making a steady improvement as we are engaging our parents to pay for their children tuition. As our policy has been to add a class every next  year, we added the  P2  class which automatically meant increasing. the salary base  to pay the next  
teacher. God helped us  that some parents paid and we prioritized to pay him. He is a member of our church, and the names Samuel, Nandudhi. Some of the money was used on the expenditure of the school. 
As our goal is to complete the whole man, the school has created an avenue for us to share Jesus with the most difficult religions which were opposed to salvation the moslems are now giving us their ears and with time a considerable Harvest will  be realised, we have 2 moslem women and 2 youths who gave their lives to Jesus. We have a program for the kids to impart Christ in their lives as in Prov 22;6.
The government is also realizing our presence in the community the school has created a good   relationship with the government officials 
W e thank the people of Ohio who have sacrificed their money  to  assist in construction of the school premises. However, learning environment for these kids is not yet conducive  as they get distracted when the teachers are teaching because  the three classes are still open. As the funds for the partitioning of the classes are available we shall be in position to do it.We are still  calling up on  the God people who have been making us so good not to be tired as in Galatian 6;9 your work is not in vain. If any amount is availed, we can begin at least a partition which can show to the government officials where we are heading. Those are some of the pictures of the school 
at the time of their breakfast

Dad we are praying for our mam Pastor Sharon to heal completely.

God bless you so much. Yours,

David and Betty Kagoro

Pictures of the Preschool in Uganda (click on photo to enlarge)
Pictures are worth a thousand words...
Greetings Daddy Ron.
sorry for sickness and also my delay with the delivery of the photos and report there of..For sure i have tried but connecting with our people can be a challenge but thank God at last its done.
I hope this will be helpful and can do any other addition deemed neceesary.

Photo1-The chicken project as we supported the asst pastor of bugadde ,a hard working man that is hatching the chicks and giving to identified potential and willing colligues.
He has given to two people already.The workplan is that after this and if observed successful,can as well shift to breeding and donating pigs.
He can do it because he does not say any thing any how.

photo2-On our land in buwogole,a sample of a modern large size banana as introduced by the government to the rural based people.this belongs to the widow of late pr.martin and her brother.She plans to increase on the units and this will be good as an example leader.

photo3- Also her goats ,two in number and our discussion with her  is if we can raise the number to at least five,they can be well managed.Iam excited with this kind if initiative and good fruits of teaching effort.

Photo-4-The inside of our nakibizzi restaurant with Emma,the young man that currently manages it.He has good testimony by Pr David and we were  together with him in the place the the day i took the photo.
It supports three people in the church,two of them being women.
They have as well managed to buy a radio and tv as essential demands by the clients.

photo5-children in the nursary section on the swing,a modern one here made in lugazi-uganda.It is owned by serrious infant schools like ours,thank God.

Photo6-Faith,a teacher and a member of the church busy with the children in class.
she serves both in the church and now in the school,quite happy with the new blessing of serving children,Amen.

Photo7-The class environment as it already looks before the planned  details are added.The beuatiful desks as earlier mentioned are products of our trainee,mentoring two more already in his village based workshop.


   Just a reminder - the letters are not edited
This is the two story combination church and adult education center we are  needing  funds to complete at Nakibizzi.

First primary school we built in Kinoni a sugar trading post in the Uganda bush.  It accommodates 300 students - 1st through 8th grade

If you would like to make a donation.
And God is able to make all grace (every favor and earthly blessing) come to you in abundance, so that you may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need, be self-sufficient [possessing enough to require no aid or support and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation].  
II Corinthians 9:8 (AMP)
It is extremely hard to improve family life when you are void of basic elementary skills - Part of our vision is adult education in reading, math and English.  These things are also foundational to making our seed projects successful.   
Thank You For Your Support!
Dear Harvest Christian Center Mission Team:
Greetings in the most high name of Jesus. I am glad to inform you that my life has really changed a lot since you last visited Uganda. How has this happened?
All this has come as a result of the good plan you had before leaving Uganda the last trip you had to Uganda.And this was the plan of beginning a school project so that it can also help me leave the tough working conditions of the jungle in Kinoni. For many years I had lived with stress in my life but now I experience the joy of education.  The beginning of Harvest Christian Nursery and Primary School has only not made Martha happy but also answered the cries of many parents around and far,especially the Christian parents who were wishing their children to study from a Christian school rather than in Islamic  schools where they were teaching them Islamic culture,and those who never desired their children to cross roads while going to school due to rampant accidents in Uganda settled in their hearts when this school started. 
We are also getting quiet a number of moslem parents bringing their children to our school due to the good academic  teaching. And I make them aware that their children will be taught Christianity as one of the lessons, and their has been no objection from them, so through Harvest Christian School we shall be able to reach many souls of children expanding the Kingdom of God. Pease tell the people supporting the school project that they are not only building the school but also reaching many souls of children who are desperate for Jesus. Teach a child the ways of God even when he grows up he will never go out of it.

I am so thankful for all those supporting the school project and the children ministry at large through funding for the building and buying text books now and then to see our school a success. for example Judge John, without text books teachers would find it a problem to get information they need for the children and also guidance on how to teach these subjects.He has really done  a lot for the school in this area.

We now have a school office although we share it with the church because they have not yet got theirs,where we keep books and parents meet the Head of the school for registration of their children and other inquiries they would wish to make. 
We have used one room on the first block to be used as an office and on Sunday it turns to be the children's  church, this is for a while until we get the school and church office.

We have got four classrooms but five classes and these are  Baby class,middle class, Top class,Primary one and primary two. We were forced to add primary two due to the demand of the parents who never wanted to change their children to other schools after being promoted to the next class. For this reason another teacher had to come in whom we have managed to pay using part of the tuition paid by the parents. 
So far the teachers we have are good and caring to the children. we have enrollment of five teachers.We enroll three years old for Baby class,Four years for middle class, five for Top class and then six  and above for primary one and on wards.
We have now an enrollment of 80 children which is an increase from last year and we hope for more.

Our school has been enclosed with a fence and the classroom doors and windows fixed well. We have got a concrete floor which is a great improvement made and plastered part of the  walls, the partitioning of these classrooms is a great need now to help in class control and having a conducive environment for learning.It becomes difficult to hung up charts of different classes when not partitioned.Each class needs not to hear what they are teaching in the next class and at the same time watching what is happening in the next class because it attracts their attention and there will be no efficient learning taking place.It would have been done but the money was not enough to complete everything since the price of things increases now and then.

We arranged for children speech day at the end of last year were we called parents to come and see how their children perform at school. it was so good ,parents brought gifts for their children and the school awarded gifts to those parents who were punctual in paying school fees for their children, they were surprised and appreciated the work done in only one year.

Our children take porridge  at school at 10.30am, we decided to use part of what they pay to provide this. We thought it wise to help those innocent children who come from less privileged families. example those who have one meal a day. it helps them grasp what they teach at least those hours after having something in the stomach, because it is very difficult to teach an hungry child .

Parents are requesting for a boarding section most especially those who come from far, if this was there we would be having more children than what we have but we do not have the facilities at the moment .  We are really moving somewhere not backward but forward. 
I wish to inform you that Harvest Christian  Center International has a legacy in Uganda.

We have the following challenges at the moment .
-Partitioning of classrooms
-Three more tables and chairs for teachers to use.
-There are a few Ugandan text books we need to add on those Judge John sent for us.
-Ten more desks to add on those you first bought for us because children are increasing  number.
-Play materials for children like gig saws, slides, merry go round we had only one made with the money you sent for us,children struggle for it during their free time  at school.

Let not the supporting hand retire as long as God lives.

God bless
Martha Headmistress

Our Present Needs
As always, 100% of what you give is administered to the needy and is tax-deductible for you.
Ministry in Uganda

Dear Pastor Sharon and Ron, 

It is a pleasure to communicate to you this year 2013. I thought I would not reach 2013 but God is great. Last year was not an easy year
on my side which affected the children ministry and school project some how. But all in all we thank God for the gift of life. Now that we are in 2013, we are to focus on God more than ever for our success comes through Him. I long for Jesus to manifest in my life than before
Challenges have been many but the bible says we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ our Lord. If God was not on our side, 
let Israel say...psalms 124 vs. 1- 7 and 8 strengthens me so much, you may read it together with me pastor.

The school project is still going on well although there have been challenges too, especially financially and the teaching staff.
But all in all we thank god who has made it stand up to date. In most cases it pains so much to begin something and it's found no
more after some years. There is need for legacy as we proceed. Pastor Sharon and Ron, whatever you have done, wherever you have passed, 
whoever you have stood with--there is a legacy.  Although someone may pretend to have done  things for himself or herself when you stood for
him or her in all the difficulties and luck, there are those who still recall your presence and there is something which is seen that makes
one not to forget you and most of all God Our father in Heaven.

The School:
Every term we have had a challenge of recruiting a new teacher for there has been a gap in a class every term due to some teachers who
have not had a fruit of patience and tolerance. Gal chapter 5.but we do not blame them 'cause we do not grow at the same time and plants do
not bear all fruits at once. The school managed to pay all the teachers from term one apart from the last two months which will be
paid immediately the parents clear with the school. One of the teachers was officially married in November.

There has been no problem with feeding the children as it was when we had just started, this has been so because of your supportive hand for
the children in the school, the funds you have been sending helped and did great work to feed them together with the teachers. This has been
a back bone for the strength of the school to stand, may God's unfailing love embrace each of those who carried it as a burden on
his/her heart and gave us a hand to see that children do not go hungry, you have fulfilled the scripture which says carry one anther's
burden. And you have bridged a very big gap in the school.

Children's Ministry:
We used to have an hour every Wednesday and Thursday morning together with all the children in the school for fellowship, where they could
praise and worship God and also learn bible lessons including bible stories and memory verses. Children enjoy bible stories so much.
Every Saturday night was prayer fellowship with some Sunday school children about 10-15 whenever we could meet and this was also liked by
the children so much. I could lead them for four hours in the night in prayer, praise and worship, with time they learnt to lead too, and it
was amazing. Their parents have been testifying that their children have learn t to pray this they have experienced at their family alter
at home. They get time to give in their prayer requests and most of them it has been wisdom and parents. It was good to get time and pray
for your team too and it was a great testimony for them to hear Pastor Sharon healed which lifted their faith in God that when we pray God
answers. God could not disappoint these children by not healing Pastor Sharon. Thank you so much for the Christmas gifts for the children, I wish to
send the pictures when I get them. This helps children grow knowing Jesus and understanding Him as the great gift God has given to the world. While teaching them I tell them world means I and you, mom, Dad and other people not animals and plants. Jesus comes with gifts to us especially this reminds us about the special gift of salvation he brought for us, love, care through our friends from U.S.A we have more gifts.
That we may do the same way to others.

Sponsored Children:
We appreciate so much the effort of sponsoring some children in Harvest Christian center International Nakibizzi here in Uganda
There are many children who have benefited in the past years, and below is a list of those who have been sponsored last year including
medication, tuition and other requirements. Lydia who has completed her first course in catering, Jordan the best performer in school
Catherine who was once miserable but now happy, so quiet but now can speak, no friend but now can play. Patricia who had no friend at school but now has Martha and very happy whenever she sees me although disturbed with sickness. Josam, Joel, Angel Grace late pastor Martin's children, 
Sharon Zaina who looks like a Muzungu now senior two this year. Mariam who is now joining senior four next year full of hope she who
had no hope. Lastly Vian who was later taken away. I thank God for the gift of life for these children. For some of them
are infected but they have hope in God and are not psychologically tortured by the situation. Some have totally no parents and you have
become parents to them. May God bless and intervene in all that comes into your life so that your destiny shines bright. I do not forget myself for all the encouraging words, prayer and love, and funds for support. May Harvest Christian Center International Ministry be established so
that these things you have done be taught even to thy sons and thy son's sons. Deut chapter: 4:7-10.

In Christ Jesus, 

Martha, January 2013

A Letter From Pastor David and Betty Kagoro
Harvest Christian Centers, International